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Lagoon Point Innovations

Established in 2012, Lagoon Point Innovations is made up of an Incubator, Innovation Lab and Consulting Group. 

Lagoon Point Ventures Customers


Investment (optional)

Leadership & Technology Enhancement Assistance

Investor Introductions

Advisory Board Participation (optional)


Wireless (e.g. Bluetooth, Matter, Sidewalk, Wide Area, Body Area Network, Energy Harvesting, Beaming Power)

AI/Machine Learning

Advanced Mathematical Techiques (e.g. Non-linear Optimization, Kalman Filtering, Bayesian Probability, Markov Chains, Operations Research, Quantitative Analysis)

Product Creation

Proof of Concepts

Protoype Development

Advanced Technology Adoption

IP Strategy and Creation 


Advanced Technology Adoption

Software:  SaaS, Mobile, Real-Time, Embedded, Wireless, AI/Machine Learning

Hardware: Wireless, Industrial, Vertical Market, Consumer, Embedded

Knowledge Transfer, Team Creation & Building